We neither condone nor support the breeding of albino Dobermans as this color is the result of a genetic mutation with known negative physical consequences.


Bejadobe Slide Show (through 2011)

Yoyo Whippet

Yoyo’s registered name was Beja & Sekim’s Princessity.  She was from Dassa’s first litter sired by Ch Wyldfyre’s Man O’War, a dog I always enjoyed.  Though bred to be a show girl, Yoyo never really enjoyed showing, mostly because Marylyn, her handler did not handle her exclusively, she also handled her Mother in the specials ring.  Yoyo was generally unhappy when she had to share the ring with Dassa, crying for attention from one of them...

She enjoyed being called “Princess Yoyo”.  She also enjoys chasing anything furry with whom she is not acquainted.  In truth, she cannot help but chase moving things as she is a sighthound in every sense.  Most of the time she doesn’t even seem aware that she has moved.

Yoyo was born April 8, 1988, which made her 15 years old when she died on May 28, 2003.   Below are a few photos taken when she was visible.  She was ordinarily an undercover Whippet, but she would venture out for her hobbies.

Yoyo was not just an ordinary Whippet; she is what we call a “Schutzhund Sighthound”, a very rare and wonderful animal.  Here she is at the WUSV in Boston, the only adult canine who was not a competitor actually attending and observing from the stands.  She was quite popular on the grounds also; it seems many Schutzhund competitors have these special whippets as well.

Yoyo always attended every training session at the tracking fields and at the Schutzhund club with Smokey Joe.  In fact, she would not let us out the door even at 4AM, an ungodly hour for a proper Whippet.  She helped dispatch “bad guys” from the van.  Smokey Joe thought she did a great job.  Her obedience attention heeling is fabulous, if we could only convince her that Whippets can sit, we’d have had it made.  Tracking of course is not something that sighthounds do, they would rather see what they are hunting and just go straight to it, as fast as possible.

Thanks to Lisa Johnson for taking this photo!

Yoyo and BJ were best friends.  This photo was taken the day before BJ went to the rainbow bridge. 

Yoyo spent at least four months grieving after losing her buddy; she even refused to eat.  This was straightened out when Yoyo had to opportunity to “speak” to an animal communicator, who cleared up some mistaken ideas Yoyo had.  The change was immediate and lasting.  Yoyo suddnely had a huge appetite.

It was about the time that Yoyo’s appetite returned that she resumed her interest in Schutzhund (see above).

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