We neither condone nor support the breeding of albino Dobermans as this color is the result of a genetic mutation with known negative physical consequences.


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Ch. Sheri-D & Sekim’s Audacity

July 15, 1984 to February 1999


      Dassa was a strong willed Whippet who drove every male Doberman she met totally crazy, and if she happened to like them too, there was none of this cuddly cutesy stuff, she would take over their crates and bite them in the nose.  They always came back for more. 

Dassa was a Champion in more ways than one, and she easily made the top ten Whippet list when she was being specialled.  She was the mother of champions, and a good mother she was.

Dassa spent a few days at the Vets office in the week before we lost her, then revived magnificently enough that we were able to bring her home.  On the way home she hungrily devoured a sfogliatelle claiming that they do not serve Italian pastries at our Vet’s office and that we should immediately change Vets. 

Once home, Dassa held court for the rest of the family, making herself at home in her favorite place, the snuggly bed in the computer room.  She remained active and busy for 24 hours and then rapidly deteriorated. 

Sleep well, Dassa Whippet...

BJ the Yorkie

Late 1980’s to February 2000

BJ was a dog no one wanted until Tony wandered into the Elmsford shelter looking for something just like him.  Of course, BJ just wasn’t sure that he wanted to live with Tony, so he tested him.  For years. Finally they settled into a life together.  Then Tony met Marylyn, BJ met YoYo and everything became much more rosy.

BJ was always the most vocal member of our family; we always thought it was because he was the littlest.  Maybe so...


Beja’s After Hours

November 4, 1986 to July 19, 1996

Sid was one of my boys.  I have always loved male Dobermans, and Sid was no exception.  I wrote a memorial to Sid shortly after we lost him, and I really thought I would never meet another dog like him.  He was my buddy and my protector; I never worried when I went away for the weekend alone, Sid was by my side. 

His memorial tells much more about him than I could in this space.  You can see it here.

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