We neither condone nor support the breeding of albino Dobermans as this color is the result of a genetic mutation with known negative physical consequences.


Bejadobe Slide Show (through 2011)

The Boys of Beja

Jelly and Oreo really enjoyed their trip to the 1987 DPCA National in Somerset, NJ.  Jelly won first place in the 12 - 18 month class with Teresa Nail handling and his brother Oreo won third with Andy Linton.  Photo below.  I never got to see this class, I was hiding in the bar...before noon!  I tried to peek into the ballroom, but even with all the crowd, Oreo suddenly decided he could smell me, so I was banished.

I have bred only one Doberman litter in all my years of owning this breed.  I think this is because perhaps I just got what I wanted from this litter at this time.  I kept three males until they were over a year old, and showed two at a time until I took a break from showing dogs in general when the boys were three.  Jelly retired with 11 single points and many major reserves, Sid had one major and a bunch of single points (and many reserves); Oreo finished his championship out west, owned by Bob Joseph.

These boys are Jelly, formally known as Beja’s Reckless Abandon , Sid, formally known as Beja’s After Hours, and Oreo, formally known as Ch. Beja’s Barangrill.  They were sired by Ch. Arco dob Mann, WAC out of my Ch. Linbar’s Baby Jane, WAC.

Pedigree for the boys in PDF format here.

This is Sid.  Beja’s After Hours.   I have a memorial page to Sid on a separate page on this site.  Sid was the dog I would not allow anyone to evaluate in his litter; I was keeping him no matter what anyone said.  I was never sorry for my decision.  He did mature much later than his brothers, and he and Oreo really were mortal enemies, but Sid had a soft spot in his heart for everyone else, furry and two legged alike.

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