We neither condone nor support the breeding of albino Dobermans as this color is the result of a genetic mutation with known negative physical consequences.


Bejadobe Slide Show (through 2011)

About Rudy & Isabel

Announcing Our 2016 Litter!

Sire:   UDC Ch. Beja’s Redneck Brother Rudy, SchH 1, ZTP,  NW-1,  CDX, OB-1, TR-1, BH, WAC,  VCX,  CGC,  IPWDA Certified Cadaver Dog 2015 (Matt Zarella),  Certified Advanced HRD 2013 (Lisa Higgins), CHIC #698949894

Dam:   UDC, UKC, RBIS Int’l Ch.  Isabel vh Wantij,  BH,  BSB-E2a,  BN,  CAA,  WAC,  VCX,  ATT, CGC,  YTT,  PTT , CHIC #99249

 ~~~We Strive To Produce Dobermans Who Have Type, Temperament and Health ~~~

Rudy was bred by us and was whelped on 9/11/2007.  He was an extraordinary puppy from the day he came into this world.  When he was just a few weeks old, he told Sharon Orlando, an animal communicator, that he was “very smart.  Like Einstein”.  He said even his Mama Katie didn’t appreciate just how smart he was.   The minute he could stand, he had a presence, something that each person who came to the house to see the litter noticed.   He was very self assured, very self confident, even before he could be aware of himself. 

Rudy began puppy classes early at Port Chester Obedience Training Club.  By the time he was a year old, he was ready for his CD,  and was dipping his toes into agility.  Rudy is enthusiastic about anything that Tony decides to do with him.  This is reflected in his extensive variety of titles.  He earned his CD at 13 months as well as his CGC.  He earned his BH shortly after.  When we finally were able to find a helper to do bitework with Rudy, he earned his ZTP after fewer than ten bite sessions.   While he was still training for his SchH title, he earned his TR-1 and his OB-1.  Rudy’s titles reflect availability of training in our area, so we see a variety of disciplines that he has conquered.  When Noseworks was introduced at our obedience club, Rudy earned his NW-1.  This prompted an interest in Tony to do real scent work with his dog.  Having seen a search for a woman missing for a few months, and then having met Shirley Hammond, a 9/11 first responder, at the 10th anniversary celebration in Liberty State Park, they began training with a retired K9 handler who had also worked the pile at the World Trade Center.  This became an overriding desire to learn more, to contribute, to use skills Rudy had learned in sport settings to help others find closure. 

Tony and Rudy trained almost every day, attended HRD seminars in Mississippi, in Maryland, took the Cadaver Dog course at Western Carolina University, was invited to train at the Muskatatuck Urban Training Center, where Rudy earned his first Advanced HRD certification in 2013 from Lisa Higgins of Country Class Canines.  They were members of Eagle Valley Search Dogs for a short time.  They continued their training and earned IPWDA certification as a cadaver dog in 2015 from Matt Zarella.  In the meantime, since Rudy still wanted to do some obedience, Tony trained him for a few months and then they trialed and finished his CDX in three trials with two first places at the age of 7 .   There is a video of Rudy at the age of 8 in the Open class at the DPCA regionals.  His Veteran routine is here:

Tom Brady and Rudy:  V Man magazine August 2012:  “America’s Alpha Dog”!  The video really shows how much fun that whole shoot was, how well Rudy took to the camera and to Tom.  That video is here:

Rudy was shown in conformation very sparingly.  In the AKC ring, he was awarded a Major reserve at his second show.  His training for performance events and Tony’s schedule prevented much AKC conformation activity, so Rudy’s conformation success was in UDC, where he finished his UDC Championship with back to back Winners’ Dog at the Northeast Regionals. 

Isabel was whelped on May 18, 2012, a few days after Rudy met Tom Brady.  We imported her from the Netherlands in late July 2012.  We chose her breeder, Jaap Gelder, because of his commitment to Doberman temperament, stability, health and type over many generations – many decades – of breeding.  Isabel is everything she was bred to be:  stable, fun loving, intelligent, with a real desire to please, yet with enough strength and independence to do well when we are able to work with a bite helper.  Isabel turns heads wherever she goes.  Isabel also possesses a self assurance that screams “look at me” while always aware of my desires whether we are doing obedience or the very occasional times that we participate in conformation events. 

Isabel is currently working primarily in AKC obedience.  She earned her BH at Schnauzerfest in 2014, which completed her own requirements for her UDC Championship.  She had much earlier finished her UKC Ch and her International Championship.  This she completed with a Reserve Best in Show.  Isabel is titled in Beginner Novice and has her Coursing Ability Advanced title.  She earned the first leg of her CD at the DPCA Regionals in 2015 as well as a second place in BN with a 198 1/2.  She, as Rudy (as do all our dogs) have the VCX from the UDC.   Isabel will return to the AKC obedience ring after her maternity leave.   She is working on exercises all the way to Utility.   Isabel has always been V rated in conformation, and did her United Doberman Club Breed Survey in August of 2014 with the highest conformation and temperament rating given to a breed survey participant without grips.  (since we do not have a consistent bite helper, we chose to not worry about the outs in the full breed survey).

Both Rudy and Isabel are very flashy in obedience, with an extremely happy and attentive attitude.

We hope this litter will result in puppies that take after both their parents, with the incredible willing, stable, intelligent and biddable temperament of these two Dobermans and the proud appearance of a correct and balanced Doberman Pinscher.  There is depth in ancestry behind this litter- each generation of which has accomplished as much as, or more than these two.  A look at the pedigree shows consistent emphasis on performance, temperament and conformation, with breed surveys, ZTPs and Korung as well as IPO and Schutzhund titles and various conformation Championships.

We breed very seldom.  We breed with emphasis on all three essential elements of a great Doberman Pinscher:  Temperament, Type and Health.   We test and title or certify in all three.  We are very hands on with our dogs; we know what we want to see, what we want to live with, what we want to train.  We endeavor to produce the kind of dog who will want to work during a lifetime, who is willing to relax at home, who is stable enough at maturity to recognize a threat if necessary and assume at minimum a protective stance even when not trained to do so.  We breed when we are ready to keep a puppy, and we breed to produce a puppy for our own requirements.  We are very fussy.

~~ Temperament is as Important to Doberman Breed Type as Silhouette ~~

Anthony and Marylyn DeGregorio
Hartsdale, NY


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