We neither condone nor support the breeding of albino Dobermans as this color is the result of a genetic mutation with known negative physical consequences.


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Breeders of Three Handler Owner Trained Dobermans to enter and to successfully pass DV-ZTP on the same day in the US - this is a claim few, if any Doberman breeders in the United States can make. 

Two of these dogs were Breeder trained and handled, the third trained and handled by a total novice.

We Strive To Produce Dobermans Who Have Type, Temperament and Health

My name is Marylyn and I have had Dobermans since 1975.  My first two dobes were acquired as “pets” only but were such a positive introduction to the breed that I am forever indebted to them.  Both were obedience trained, one was my first AKC obedience titled dog and the first dog I showed  in conformation.

Through the 1980’s, I became very involved with showing my own Dobermans, active in my local Doberman clubs (first DPC-Conn-NY, then LIDPC).  I also showed Whippets and travelled with an all breed handler for a few years, learning a great deal about show dogs.  But this handler was also a breeder and instilled in me the desire to learn and to follow the standard of each breed in all things: conformation AND temperament with the responsibility to ensure that all health issues that were testable were actually tested and decisions made by taking all into account.  Each breed has it’s unique place in the world, has been developed to suit a particular need.  These drives are genetic, and occur by choosing breeding individuals who are suitable for their breed. 

Temperament is as much a part of breed type as is a head or a silhouette. 

Starting here, I have always considered temperament and suitability for the original breed purpose in breeding.   In order to do this, it is important to have a hands on knowledge of the dogs being used and the dogs who have already been produced.

Tony’s first official Doberman of his own was Katie, and she was his introduction into the world of training, eventually with an eye towards competition in Schutzhund.  Every step of Katie’s training was done by a very novice Tony, who learned enough to bring this knowledge forward to other dogs.  It has been ten years and I think Tony is one of the better people to understand dogs.   Tony’s schooling was hands on; Katie and he had an incredible bond and a hugely memorable history to show for it.

To this end, we encourage owners of puppies we produce (the very few who are out there) do as much as possible themselves with their dogs.  When training,, trialing, showing, the more that a person does with their dog, the better a bond that develops, the more the owner-handler-trainer learns about the dog.

All of our dogs are fully health tested on a regular basis.  This includes OFA Hips and Elbows, Echocardiograms, Holter monitoring, Thyroid, Eyes, vWD. 

We continue to be active in Local and National Specialty, All Breed and Performance clubs, we are active members of:


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