We neither condone nor support the breeding of albino Dobermans as this color is the result of a genetic mutation with known negative physical consequences.


Bejadobe Slide Show (through 2011)

2016 Litter

Puppies are here!  Whelped 2/26/2016, we have Three Red Males, Seven Red Females!  Take a look at some photos of the parents --- Rudy-Isabel Gallery -Photos of Rudy and Isabel through the years. 

Announcement and Pedigree as PDF


Dobequest Pedigrees:    Rudy         Isabel

Online Pedigrees at

 Beja’s Redneck Brother Rudy            Isabel vh Wantij

Rudy’s Health Results                Isabel’s Health Results

And of course, Rudy and Tom: America’s Alpha Dogs!


 Video of Rudy at the DPCA National Specialty in Veteran’s Obedience. Rudy is over 8 years old in this video and  does AKC obedience with an exuberance not usually seen.  Considering he has spent the last few years only training HRD, this is a lot of fun to watch!

Puppy Questionnaire Please copy the questions from this questionnaire into an email, answer as much as you would like, and send to us at

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